About Aquaiaw

Showroom Quality, by Manufacturer Direct Prices

Aquaiaw plumbing has been an OEM and ODM manufacturer for some US and European Grand Plumbing Brands, for Several Decades!
Now Aquaiaw plumbing is selling the products produced by themselves!

Once complete production, we will ship all of them to US warehouses.

And all your orders will be handled within US.


We understand the Value of Time for Contractors and Plumbers, estimating, confirming projects details, purchasing materials, ALL cost too much time!
We appreciate every chance to Save Time for Professionals, by Upscale Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing Products!

Most homeowners need more competitive prices for bathroom and kitchen remodeling now, as well as Same High Quality as before!
So, working with a Manufacturer Direct Brand, is the best way to Control Cost and Gurantee Projects Quality!

Contractors and Plumbers please send emails to us: pro@aquaiaw.com


For Plumbing Supply channels, such as Plumbing Supply Stores, Plumbing Supply Warehouses, and Plumbing Showrooms,
please take notice to the Buy More Save More Discount on each page. Any requirement, please send email to us: B2B@aquaiaw.com


Build dream houses together with Aquaiaw plumbing!

Together, You Deserve It!




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